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Something you'll quickly learn about the schmoos: we love us some muppets. We grew up on them. DC Schmoo was always really into Piggy. NY Schmoo was really into Fozzie. I don't know about DC schmoo, but NY schmoo is REALLY into this resurgence of muppets. Totally dug the Bohemian Rhapsody vid, and have heard that a Muppets cover album is coming out soon (including OK GO and Weezer). There is also a new movie in the works written by Jason Segel (eep F&G nerd girl geek out!). Here is a little muppet love for the day. (spoiler alert: does this sound like anyone you know?) 
SO last night I went to my hip hop class. and my teacher is FAB. He is a big tall drink of chocolate milk who wears cute tank tops and tells me to shake my sexy thang. So last night we weren't "bringing the sexy" to our moves so he had a suggestion. It goes something like this:
"Ladies. Imagine yourself at the club, on the dance floor. And you are trying to dance around this white boy you're dating but he can't move more than a sack of po-ta-toes. You glance across the room and you see a beacon of light. A gorgeous man. Doing his thang. And he has moves you've never seen a man have. GIRLS: this is because straight boys canNOT dance. You can't make them dance. They don't have that gene! So you do a thing I call "follow the queen". You go up to that stunning man and you do the moves he do. He don't have hips or tits like your's but he can shake them better than you ever could! You follow the queen and you will have your sexy back."
P.S. From your sister: Isn't "follow the queen" pretty much your life motto?

All right, so all three of the first posts have been about vampires. Get over it, ok? I'm on the bandwagon. Not the Twilight bandwagon because those people are just idiots. (and Mormons. Don't get me started).

But I digress, this post has taken an ugly turn.

What's a psychic vampire, you say?

psychic vampire (ns): one who preys on your positive energy (a la a vampire sucking blood) "Esmerelda is nice enough but don't let her tell you about her boyfriend troubles; she's a psychic vampire."
Also, I wish they would just kill off Tommy. Do I really need to see his mirkin? No thank you. At least there were no dead dogs?

Did you see tonight's TrueBlood? I don't really remember what happened except for the fact that Eric Northman is wearing tank tops again (thus restoring the balance of the universe) and Pam is wearing magenta, suede booties to match her velour track suit. Genius.