I showed your cat video to a coworker and said, "This is how my sister feels today." She said, "That's so funny because I have a cat image that expresses how I feel." Then I said, "Oh god, so do I."

We shared the images/videos. We laughed. We commiserated. Then we promptly went back to our desks keenly aware that we had just shared THREE different anecdotes involving cats. We don't even LIKE cats. And how many cat stories do you have to tell before you're a crazy cat lady? Oh, the horror.

But let's not think about that. I have included our videos/pictures for your viewing pleasure. And I feel compelled to say that we will be on our way to happy hour, promptly.
This is my coworker's life metaphor.

This is mine.
NYC schmoo

Oh boy. The fact that coworker's symbolic cat image is black and white is making me laugh hysterically.

DC Schmoo

It is pretty hysterical. She had it as a poster over her bed in high school. She noted that the key feature of the cat is that it is resigned to its humiliated, miserable existence. Sad cats.


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