Recently, the schmoos were staying at a beach house with a briar patch in the back yard that housed countless critters. Our favorite backyard visitor (by far) was our bunny friend. He is this tiny little bunny who chose to eat his meals at the same time as us, so that we could watch and obsess over him while we ate. He even enjoyed the carrots we left for him by the briar. You know who didn't love our fawning over him? His mother. It's cool, we backed off. But not before capturing this awesome video of a bunny bath! Please enjoy.
Schmoo, since you are classy and work for a real business you probably use Outlook.

Since I work in a place where we have to buy our own computers and chairs, I use Google Calendar. I have always hated it since I use a paper planner as well and inevitably I'll write down something on one and omit it on the other.

That has all changed recently. Why? Because Google Calendar now allows me to add pieces of flair to events. If I'm going to a happy hour, I can put a little martini glass by the event name. If I'm teaching, I can put a little book next to the event name. Most importantly, on the day you're coming to visit I can put a big smiley face and on the day you're leaving I can put a big frowny face.

It's amazing.
I read these comics/sites/blogs every day. You probably should too. I'll categorize them so you can select accordingly.

For the geek:
Questionable Content
Dinosaur Comics

For the nerd:
Knitting Things
More knitting things...
Even more knitting things....

In the event of emergency:
Cute Overload

In the event of a "not knowing what lindsay lohan was wearing when she got out of rehab (the 1st time)" emergency:

When you spent two hours reading Perez Hilton and feel like a jackass:
Teacher stuff
More teacher stuff

What do you read every day?